1.  On the eTapestry login page, choose log into eTapestry using your Blackbaud ID select continue to eTapestry


2.  Enter your eTapestry credentials to gain access to your database


3.  You will be prompted to confirm and link your eTapestry account with your Blackbaud ID
*Note* if the account names appear correct please click confirm, if they are not correct then click "Cancel and return to eTapestry login page"

*Note* If a user does not have a Blackbaud ID please have one created

4.  You will then be logged into your eTapestry database.
*Note* the next you log in you with you will see "sign with Blackbaud ID"

If you have multiple databases that you log in to please see How to log into multiple eTapestry databases.

Please visit our help documentation for more information on blackbaud id.

*Note* users must log in with their eTapestry credentials to access their database.