Follow the steps below to invite existing users to link their Blackbaud ID with their eTapestry account:
  1. Log into eTapestry as an admin user
  2. Select Management > All Users
  3. Look for any user who does not have an email address listed under the Blackbaud ID column
  4. Click on the ellipses (three little dots) next to user name 
  5. Select "Send Invitation"
  6. Enter the email address on the user (this should be the email that is used for their Blackbaud ID)
  7. The user will be sent an email to accept the invitation. (the invitation will expire after 30 days).
*Note* once a user accepts the invitation their status column will list them as Active, Linked.  Those who have not accepted the invitation will appears as Active, Unlinked.


1. On the eTapestry log in page, have the existing user click the Sign in with Blackbaud ID button
2. Sign in with Blackbaud ID credentials
3. Enter the eTapestry credentials when prompted
4. Click Confirm on the confirmation page

For more information please visit our help documentation on existing users.