Unable to edit filters on saved reports - in FENXT Webview

When accessing Reporting in FENXT you may note that you no longer are able to edit filter details on saved reports.  You will see a red circle with a slash.
Confirm the report you are trying to edit has settings to allow editing.
  1. Go to the FE Database (3 coins top right corner of FENXT)
  2. Choose the module for your report
  3. Click on the reports icon
  4. Click on the type of report
  5. Highlight the report
  6. Confirm the Others May Modify and Others May Execute buttons are checked
  7. If they are not, contact the report creator to check these options
If the report is able to be modified and executed.
  1. Return to the FENXT saved report.
  2. Delete the filter you are trying to edit on the report
  3. Add the filter you want to edit
  4. Create your edits
  5. Save the report


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to FENXT open a saved report
  2. Right click on a already created filter (account codes, account numbers, fund etc)
  3. Click edit
  4. Click on the drop down to change the filter


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