Credit Card Number Changes in Batch After Deleting Rows

After upgrading to patch 10 of 7.96 and deleting a row in a gift batch, a user may find that the credit card in the row that shifts up may change numbers when saving the batch. 

If the user attempts to charge the card in this row, it will fail with the exception: Invalid credit card number. 

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

In the meantime, do the following to avoid this issue:

  1. After deleting a row, click into the top row that shifted up after deleting. 
  2. Press (or press and hold) Tab to move the cursor through the remaining cells of the row. 
  3. Once the cursor has moved down to the next row, the batch can be saved as normal. 
NOTE: The issue also doesn't occur when manually adding credit card information - only when the rows of the batch are automatically generated through the EFT module or an integrating solution. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In patch 10 with the EFT module , add a different credit card number to 2 separate unpaid pledges (What test credit card numbers are available to process test credit card transactions?)
  2. Create a query with those two pledges 
  3. Go to Batch > New Batch
  4. Click Data Entry
  5. Go to Tools > Automatically Generate Transactions/Payments
  6. Include the query from step 2
  7. Generate. 
  8. Go to Tools > Edit Batch Setup. 
  9. Move the Credit Card Number field ahead of other credit card fields.
  10. Click Data Entry
  11. Confirm the CC numbers in each batch field.
  12. Right-click the top gift's row and select Delete Rows
  13. Confirm.
  14. Click Save. See the CC number of the gift that shifted to that row revert to the number that was previously there and deleted. 


 Raiser's Edge
 Patch 10

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