If you need to import salutations into existing accounts, you should NOT use the "Account Information by Account Number" import type... As you'll see in the following resource, "Salutations" are listed as a type of data that you cannot import via this specific import type: How to update existing accounts using the Account Information by Account Number Import (includes sample data file.

Instead, you must use the basic "Account Information" import type in order to import salutations in bulk into existing accounts. For more detailed information on this type of import, please see the following: How to import account information (includes sample data file).

*Note: Since you will be using this import to update accounts already established in your database (and not to create brand new ones), be sure to carefully select the 1-3 Import Key(s) when mapping your import file (as discussed in step #20 in the linked resource). Then, when you get to the Possible Duplicates step (detailed in step #24 in the linked resource), make sure that the Import Summary displays zero as the number of new accounts to be created in eTapestry via this import (since this will confirm that properly matched all lines of data in your import file to their corresponding existing accounts in eTapestry).