Donor Central times out when uploading fund statements

When uploading fund statements to Donor Central using the external statements method, the system times out and must be force closed. 

This issue will not occur once upgraded to Progress 11. Until that time the pdf documents will need to be zipped up along with the contents file and manually uploaded to Donor Central.

For hosted customers: This issue will be resolved with the Progress 11 update that Blackbaud-HostNet is completing for all hosted FIMS customers. These upgrades are being done in stages with the last of the upgrades being completed by 7/10/2018.


Steps to Duplicate

To upload your statement to Donor Central, 
  1. Run your statements report as normal. 
  2. When the FIMS viewer pops up with your statement information, click on the External Statements menu.
  3. Select Individual Statements for Donor Central. 
  4. It will then process your statements and a popup will appear with the number of PDFs that have been created. 
  5. In FIMS, go to Tools > System Utilities > Donor Central > Upload DC Fund Statements. 
  6. A window will pop up with the number to documents to be uploaded. Double check that the date range listed is correct.
  7. Click on Upload Statements. 
After these steps, the screen automatically goes to Not Responding 


 14.60, DC NXT

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