1. While in your Word document, click the button to Show/Hide Show/Hide button in Microsoft Word
  2. This will show a few lines of code in the Header space of your document. 
  3. If you do not see code in the header space, the text may be colored white. Highlight that area to show hidden text and change the font color.
Header Code
  1. Within this header code, replace eAdvisorDownloadDirectory with the file path to the location these statements are to be saved to.
  2. If you're not sure which file location to type, this information can be found within FIMS by going to Tools > System Utilities > DonorCentral > DonorCentral Options
  • In the Section box click on System. In the Option box click Download_Directory. The Value box should have a file path. If not, you can define one by clicking the Browse button.
  1. Once the file path has been typed into the Header code, save your document and run the eAdvisorFundStatement2007 Macro.
Correctly formatted Header Code:
Correct word merge header code