Note: When applying fees and discounts, make sure you know if the fee/discount is either student-based or family-based.
You can apply the billing information for this family by:
  1. Log into Smart Tuition (
  2. Hover on Enrollment tab
  3. Select Pending Families
  4. Search for the family
  5. ​​Switch from the default view mode of Family View to Student View
User-added image
  1. Click on the box to the left of the student's name
  2. Click Select Action located under Select a Batch Option
  3. Select to Add a Fee or Add a Discount
  4. Then select the particular fee/discount you are applying to the student
  5. Enter the total amount that is being applied for either that fee/discount
  6. Select the month(s) that the billing item is being applied in
    1. You are able to have the billing item applied in all months
  7. Click Submit
  8. The billing item has been applied to the student's account
  9. To view how the billing item(s) were applied:
    1. Click the student's name you added the billing item(s) to
    2. This will bring you to their portion of the Family Account Summary
    3. Scroll down the page and Select Billing Details
    4. This will show you the monthly allocation of the billing item(s)
Note: If the billing detail you want to apply is family-based, just Click Family View and from there you can apply family-based billing items onto the account