To create this email alert, follow the steps below.

1) create a Business Process Status ad-hoc query with the filters:
Business process\System record ID is equal to Blackbaud Internet Solutions Download Process
and Status is one of Completed with exceptions, Did not finish
2) In the Result fields, choose the fields you want to use as merge fields in the email alert but be sure to include the field "Ended on".
3) Save the query as a User-defined Data List
4) On the User-defined Data List, go to the Set save options tab > Alert options > Mark the checkbox to Allow this datalist to be used for feed alerts > Set the Publication date field to "Ended on"
5) Save the User-defined Data List and now it can be used in a custom email alert.
6) Go to Administration > Email alerts > Custom email alert types > Add > Select the User-defined data list made for this purpose
7) Add email content with the information you want contained in the email body
8) Add an Instance with the users who should receive the email
9) Set up a Job schedule for the email alert to be sent as often as desired to keep users notified of failed transactions.

Custom email alerts required a send process to be sent out. After all of these steps have been performed and a failed transaction is downloaded from BBIS, the next send process should result in an email notifying users assigned to the alert instance.