Error: An error occurred while logging in. Please check your internet connection - when using Outlook Integration add-in

When looking up a contact or trying to add an email to eTapestry in the desktop version of Outlook, with the Outlook Integration add-in, you might get a pop up asking you to verify your eTapestry credentials. The credentials of the add-in are now stored separately in eTapestry in the Security section the Preferences tab of My User -

Go to Management > My User > Preferences:
Security - outlook integration


Due to updated encryption standards, the outlook add-in should be re-installed.

  1. Access the appropriate version of the Outlook Integration.

    The file download window appears. We suggest you verify the version of your operating system to determine which installer to download.

  2. Click Save File.

  3. Double click on the file. The Open File window appears. In case Windows Defender does not recognize this program, please click More info in the pop-up blue box. 

    more info
    Check that the file name is what you were expecting, e.g. eTapestryAdd-inInstaller(x64).msi and click Run Anyway.

  4. Click Run. The installer appears.

  5. Click Next. The Select Installation Folder appears.

  6. To install the integration to the recommended folder, click Next. You can also browse to another folder and then click Next. The Confirm Installation screen appears.

  7. Click Next. The Installation Complete screen appears.

  8. To exit, click Close

It is possible you may also have to update your Outlook Integration credentials one last time if this does not connect. You can do this in eTapestry by clicking Management > My User > Preferences, scroll down to Security Preferences and update your credentials. Now click Save And (Edit) under Tasks on the left of the page.

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