Export Write Off information is blank

Exporting information for a Gift Export from the Write Off node has no information.  The write off information is in the gift section, not the write off section.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternate Solution
***Use the Gift Export and export the fields from the Gift Node and not the Write Off Node
Gift Date will be the Write Off Date
Gift Amount will be the Write Off Amount

***Run a Write Off Report (Write Off Notes is not an option from this report)

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a Gift Query with criteria Gift type one of Write off, MG Write Off
2. Save and close the query
3. Go to a new Gift Export and include this query
4. Switch to the output
5. Select the title of the export at the top of the Output and click Criteria
6. Go to the gift types tab and include the Write Off and MG Write Off gift Types
7. Output all fields from the Write Off Nodes
8. Also Output from the Gift node (main node) the Write Off notes.(Gift Date, Gift Amount)
9.Preview the results.  
10. Write Off notes from the Gift node is populated, but nothing populated from the Write Off node.
Check a record from the results.  It has a valid Write off, but the Export doesn't show any data in the Write Off node.
The original Gift date is 7/30/2005, but Export shows the Write Off Date as the Gift Date
The original amount was $5000, But Export shows the Write Off Amount as the Gift Amount


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