Error: Invalid Boolean: Description

When event registrations from Luminate Online are processed, the error "Invalid Boolean: Description" appears.

The error can occur when Luminate event questions cannot successfully add to the Raiser's Edge attribute tables in Configuration while processing RELO transactions.

When TeamRaiser and Luminate calendar event registrations sync to the RELO plugin, event question data is added as an attribute to the Raiser's Edge participant record. The participant attribute description and data type are automatically added to Raiser's Edge configuration. If a participant attribute with the same description name is already configured in Raiser's Edge, this error will occur.

To resolve this error users must alter the attribute description name to allow the new attribute to be created or change the data type of the Raiser's Edge attribute to match the incoming attribute type. In most cases all incoming participant attributes convert to a text data type. Click here for additional information.


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to RELO>Gifts and Registrations button
  2. Select the registration 
  3. Click Process and the error: Invalid Boolean: Description occurs

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