Changing the Grant program on a Funding request to a Program for a Different Grantor Does not Move Funding request Steps to the New Grantor.

1. Navigate tot he Foundations functioanl area. 

2. Create 2 grantors with grant programs (For example, Grantor A and Grantor B with programs "Grantor A Grant Program" and "Grantor B Grant Program, respectively).

3. From the Foundations functional area create a new Funding Plan. (In sample, New Funding Plan Test).
4. Create a new Funding request on the Funding Plan from Step 3. 

5. Add the Grant Program for one of the Grantors from step 1. (For example, Grant A Grant Program). 

6. Select any "Status". 

7. From the "Steps" tab, add steps to the funding request. 

8. Save and close. 

9. Click on "Step 1" from within the funding request shows the steps are for Grantor A, as expected. 

10. Edit the Funding request, switching the Grant Program to another Grantor then save and close.
(For example, Grantor B) 

11. Click the same step. "Step 1" from the funding request and note that it appears to have moved the Grantor B as expected. 

12. Under Steps, select the "step 1" hyperlink, click "edit", select any contact method (mail, letter, phone, etc.) and make the status of the step completed.  

13. Navigate to Grantor B's Documentation and Interactions tab, select Interactions and note that the completed step does not appear. 
Note, the Funding Request still looks as though the step would be for Grantor B, which is what was intended. 

14. Navigate to Grantor A's Documentation and Interactions tab and note that the completed step shows for the previous Grantor. 

15. Clicking on Step 1 from the Grantor A's interactions tab shows it is attached to Grantor A, which is not desired. 
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.

If you open the Edit Funding Request Steps screen and hit save this seems to move all the steps to the correct Grantor.


 Blackbaud CRM

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