Families have the option to make a lump sum payment at any time while their account is active and regardless of the payment plan they originally selected. There are no pre-payment penalties.

If the family makes their payment in full at the start of the school billing session, you may opt to change their payment plan, so that the reports will show a zero balance going forward. Otherwise, you will see a credit on your balance reports carry over month after month until the end of the plan. You may consult with your finance office for how they want the reports to be reflected.

If the family decides mid-year to pay the balance in full, you can  custom allocate the payment or you can adjust the billing in Edit Billing Details so that their balance will zero out. Again, you may consult with your finance office for best reporting practices. 

To change the billing so that the account is zeroed out in the current month:
  1. Go to the family's account
  2. View the Billing Summary to determine that the account is paid-in-full 
  3. Hover over the blue box on the left and select Edit Billing Details
  4. For each bill line, add up the amounts in the future months and enter into the current month
  5. Enter 0 in each future billed month
  6. View to see that the total billed for that billing item did not change
  7. Do Step 6 for each billing item
  8. Enter a reason, then click Save Changes
  9. Go back to the Billing Summary (Home Page) and view the balance to be sure it is $0.00

For example, the first screen shot shows how the billing is spread across the payment plan. The family made a payment of $1000 in May 2018 to pay off the remaining balance. The second screen shot shows how $1,000 was entered in May and the rest of the months 0 was entered.