You can quickly and easily schedule your custom report to be emailed to you at the frequency you need. 
  1. Login to
  2. Select the applicable school year
  3. Hover over the Reports tab at the top left of the page
  4. Click on Saved Custom Reports
  5. Locate your custom report, then click Schedule
  6. Enter your email address
  7. As you enter your email address, another email box will populate - up to 5 recipients can receive the report
  8. Click on the 1st day you want your report emailed or use the navigation arrows to select the future month, then select the day (must be a future date)
  9. Click on Add Date To List
  10. Select the Repeating Schedule -
              * Once a Week or Bi-Weekly, you can choose the day of the week your report will be emailed
              * Once a Month, you have the option to select the day your report will be emailed.
              * When you click on On Funds Transfer Date, the report will be emailed only when funds are transferred to your school
      11. Click on Add Scheduled Dates to List - the dates will populate in the box below the calendar
      12. Click Apply

Your report will be emailed from Be sure to add this email address to your safe contacts. If you do not receive the report in your inbox, check your spam or clutter folder.

To change or delete the scheduled report:
  1. Go to the Reports tab and click on Static Reports
  2. Scroll down to the Scheduled Reports section
  3. Select Schedule to change the frequency options - OR - 
  4. Select Delete to end the frequency. This option does not delete the report from the Saved Custom Reports