Total Number of Visits Smart field is over-counting visits

The Total Number of Visits Smart field is over-counting visits.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article once we have additional information.

Alternative solution: Create a smart field using the steps below.
  1. Go to Administration > Smart Fields 
  2. Click Add to add a new smart field 
  3. Select the "Constituent revenue application counts" smart field definition and click OK
  4. On the General Tab, provide a name for your smart field. For example: Number of paid visits. 
  5. On the Parameters Tab, under Value to return, choose Total number of applications 
  6. Under For, select either Constituent Revenue (to consider only the constituent's revenue) OR Household member revenue (to pull information from all of the constituent's household members as well)
  7. Under Revenue, leave all boxes unchecked. 
  8. Under Application selection, click the magnifying glass to pull up the search screen. On the search screen, click Add > Ad-hoc Query and Choose Revenue Application. We will be adding a Revenue Application Selection to specify which orders we'd like to include as visits. 
  9. After you click add, select the source view of Revenue Application and click OK. 
  10. You will then see a New Ad-hoc query screen. To consider any ticket order in your count, from the left column, drag Application from the middle column to Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to Admission. For example: Application is equal to Admission
  11. If you'd like to eliminate refunded items from your count, from the left column, highlight Refunded item. From the middle column, drag Quantity to Include Records Where. Change the operator from Equal to to Blank. For example: Refunded item\Quantity is blank. 
  12. If you'd like to count specific programs in your visit number, (for example: only General Admission), in the left column, highlight the Program Node. From the middle column, drag Program Name or Program record to Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to or one of the program you'd like to include in your count. For example: Program\Program record is equal to General Admission. Note: If you are counting multiple programs and an order contains more than one of the programs in your count, Altru will count each application. For example, if you are filtering on Program\Program record is one of Admission or IMAX Movie, and a single order contains both Admission and IMAX movies, the Smart Field will return a count of 2: one for the admission application and another for the IMAX movie.  
  13. On the Set save options tab, name your selection and click Save and Close. 
  14. (Optional) Under Timeframe, specify a date range for your smart field. 
  15. Click Save 
  16. Once your smart field is saved, to process a value, click Start Process. 
  17. You may also want to consider adding a Job Schedule so that your smart field is always up to date.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Constituents > Add an individual
  2. Create a Last Name and First name and save
  3. Click Save
  4. Navigate to Sales > Daily Sales
  5. Next to Patron, enter your constituent from step #2
  6. Click button to sell a Daily Admission ticket
  7. Click Cash button to pay
  8. Once balance is $0, click Complete
  9. Navigate to Administration > Smart Fields 
  10. Click drop down next to Total Number of Visits and select Edit 
  11. Set smart field to default settings detailed here
  12. Save 
  13. Click drop down next to smart field and select Start process 
  14. Once complete, navigate to Constituents > Constituent search
  15. Enter constituent from step #2 and open their record
  16. Click Smart fields tab, and note that the number of visits do not reflect properly

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