In order to email non-primary members or non-member constituent's asking them to register for Web forms we will need to use the Appeal Mailing Process. We will not be able to use the Membership Renewal Process as we do when I need to send an email asking members to register for our site. Unlike when using the Membership Renewal Process, when clicking the User Registration Link, the constituent's registration information will not be pre-populated on the form -- due to this we recommend adding merge fields to your email content indicating the Name, Address, Email Address, and Phone Number the Constituent should use when registering for web forms.

There is also a likelihood that this may create a duplicate record for the constituent if there is not an exact match between the information shared in the email and what the constituent entered while completing the registration Web form. So, we recommend running the duplicate merge process on a regular basis as you start receiving Web form registrations to make sure that any new constituent records that Altru may have created are merged with the original constituent records in Altru. 

Step 1: Create a Selection of Nonmember Constituent's who should receive the Email
  1. From Analysis, Click Information Library > Add an Ad-hoc Query
  2. Choose the source view of Constituents
  3. To query on constituents that do not have a membership, we will add the following criteria to our query. Under Browse for Fields in Expand Member, Click Membership. From the Middle drag Membership Program to Include records where and set Blank
  4. To remove constituents who have already registered for web forms, we will add the following criteria to our query. Under Browser for Fields in Click Online Information, From the middle drag Username to Include records where and set Blank.
    User-added image
  5. Navigate to Set Save Options > Name the Query
  6. Mark the Box to Create a Selection
  7. Click Save and Close
Step 2: Create an Appeal Mailing that can be used to email these constituents
  1. From Marketing and Communications, Click Appeal Mailings
  2. Click Add 
  3. On the Let's Get Started Tab enter the following information
    1. Name
    2. Description (optional)
    3. Mail Date
    4. Appeal
    5. Choose your Address Processing Options
    6. Choose Name Format Options
    7. Mark to Send One Letter Per Household
  4. Click Next
  5. On the Create Your Letters Tab
    1. Under Selections of Constituents that will receive this letter, Click Add > Choose the Selection you created in Step 1
    2. Under Exclude Constituents Based on the Following, Click Edit to adjust any exclusions used in the mailing
    3. Under Letter Content, choose Merge recipient Information with a Letter
    4. Under How do you want to send this letter, choose Email
    5. Under Select Recipient Information to use to Personalize your Letter, Click Edit
      1. Ensure the following merge fields are available -- First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number and Email Address are available. We recommend adding these merge fields to your letter in order to ensure the constituent is correctly linked to their existing record in the database.
    6. Under Write your letter's Content, Click Add
      1. Write the letter you will be sending to constituents requesting they register for web forms
      2. To Insert a link to the user registration page. 
        1. Put the cursor after the default message, and click Insert/edit link in the toolbar. The Insert link screen appears.
        2. Select Special page, and then select “Webforms User Registration Page (User Registration Page).”
        3. In the Text to display field, enter “Register here.”
        4. Click Save. You return to the Add email screen
      3. Click Ok to Save your Letter
        User-added image
    7. Click Next
    8. Click Finish and Close
    9. Click Run Mailing to send your email