BBIS transactions missing from CRM

A donation, event registration, or membership is showing up in my merchant account, however I never saw it come into CRM so I could process it.
Alternatively, you may see a transaction in the merchant account, but you didn't see the transaction in CRM. You want more information about the transaction.

There are many reasons the transaction may be missing from the CRM. Below is a summary and a detailed explanation.
  • Transaction was deleted
  • Transaction was processed into a batch by another user. Check any uncommitted batches to confirm the transaction is not there.
  • Confirm the transaction does not exist on the user's record in CRM.
  • If you confirmed this information, please proceed with reading the information below
There likely was a temporary disconnect in service which prevented the transaction from showing up in CRM. If the donor reported an error message, for example a runtime error, at the time the transaction was submitted, and the transaction is missing, this could be why the transaction is missing.
If a user clicks stop, refreshes or closes their browser the donation may appear in the merchant account but not in CRM. This is because the merchant account is contacted before the donation is recorded in CRM.
When this occurs, the transaction information will need to be manually entered into CRM, using the information within the Merchant Account.

Detailed description
  1. In order to determine why this has happened, it is important to visualize all the steps that a transaction undergoes.
  2. An online user submits a donation, event registration, or membership.
  3. Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS) does an initial address and data formatting check along with data encryption necessary for security compliance.
  4. The transaction data, referred to as XML data, is instantly written to the sub-table [ 'dbo.DonationTransactions' ] inside the CRM database.                                         
    • Note: The XML data is written to this sub-table whether or not the transaction is eventually approved or declined by the merchant account. 
  5. The transaction is sent to the merchant account gateway for verification. The BBIS webserver waits 90 seconds for an approval or decline response from the merchant account gateway. 
  6. If the merchant account reports an approval response, then the XML data is written to the table, [ 'dbo.Transactions' ].
    • Note: Unlike with the [ 'dbo.DonationTransactions' ] sub-table from step 2, XML transaction data is only written to this table if an approval code is issued by the merchant account within 90 seconds of the request.
  7. The donor is now served up the confirmation screen, and an acknowledgement email is triggered to be sent to the donor.
  8. The XML data for this transaction is sent over to CRM and the transaction appears for you to process into a CRM batch.

If the XML data is written to [ 'dbo.XXXXXXTransactions' ] table from step 2., but it was not written to [ 'dbo.Transactions' ] from step 6, this would indicate that the BBIS web server never received an approval code from the merchant account.
Action Plan
Confirm the transaction was processed successfully within the Merchant Account, and confirm the transaction came from BBIS and not another product.
If you confirmed this information, enter the transaction manually into CRM.



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