1. Create an import file or use an existing file.
2. Include the following fields in the data file.

Note: Fields in italics are required fields by the Raiser's Edge for a constituent consent import.

ImportID*, ConsentChannel, ConsentResponse, ConsentDate, ConsentStatement, ConsentPrivacyPolicy, ConsentSource, ConsentCategory

Constituent Import ID*, Channel, Response, Date, Statement, Privacy Policy, Source, Category

3. Create the import parameter file
  1. In Import, select Constituent Consent and click New
  2. On the General Tab, select the following:
    • What do you want to do? Import new records* 
    • What file to you wish to import? Browse to the import file  
    • How do you want the system to identify existing constituents? Use the Import ID*  
    • What is the format of this import file? Delimited
4. On the File Layout Tab, verify the following:


  • Field Separators and Text Qualifiers: Comma, Quotation  
  • Import Field Names: Field names are on the first line of the import file  
  • Sample Import Format: Verify the first few rows of the import file
5. On the Fields Tab, verify that all rows in the Field to Import column are correctly mapped to the corresponding field in the Raiser's Edge Field column.
6. On the Summary Tab, review all of the options. We recommend marking all available checkboxes.

* When creating a data file, you can use the constituent ID (ConsID) or Social Security Number (SSNum) instead of the
Import ID for the unique identifier. Use the same field in the How do you want the system to identify existing constituents?