In order to make post-acceptance questions required after they have been saved, you can navigate to each opportunity and update the required checkbox for each question and save them. 

To update the Required checkbox for individual opportunities:
  1. Navigate to the opportunity
  2. Hover your mouse over the Post-Acceptance tab, and select Questions
  3. Mark the Required box for each question you want to require
  4. Click green Update Questions button
If you have cloned the post-acceptance questions across multiple or all opportunities, the questions must be cloned again and the previous questions cleared in order to update the Required checkbox across the opportunities. This must be completed by Customer Support. Please complete the following steps to contact Customer Support.
  1. Update an individual opportunity following the steps above. This will be used as a "template."
  2. Contact Support to request a clone of post-acceptance questions.
  3. Include a link to the "template" opportunity that has the required post-acceptance questions.
  4. Provide instructions for which opportunities to copy to, specifying whether it's by scope, across all non-archived opportunities, or by a list of Opportunity IDs. 
  5. Please note that the previous questions must be cleared in order to update the Required checkbox.
  6. Customer Support will update you when the cloning has been completed.