An applicant may want to use the same reference across multiple opportunities as the reference letter provided may be specific to the applicant, rather than specific to the opportunity. Using the same reference allows both the reference and the applicant to save time and effort.

To use the same reference across multiple opportunities, the applicant will:
  1. Log in to their applicant portal
  2. Select My Applications
  3. Click on the opportunity which includes a reference request question
  4. On the reference request question, select the existing reference from the dropdown box (as long as the applicant has selected the existing reference from the dropdown box, the reference will not receive multiple reference request emails)
  5. Select Save and Keep Editing if the applicant is not finished with the application; or select Finish and Submit if they are finished with the application
  6. Repeat for any other opportunities for which they would like to use the same reference
Note: This will only work if you have set up the opportunities with the same reference request question.
Tip: If many of your opportunities require the same reference request, consider adding it as a question on your General Application.  Please remember it is best practice to make changes to the General Application during Cycle Management.