Adding or editing post-acceptance questions does not notify applicants that have already submitted their post-acceptance applications.  To invite applicants to resubmit their post-acceptance application, please complete the following steps:

Confirm delivery methods of post-acceptance notifications
  • For opportunities using the system template: Go to Site > Communications > Message Templates, select Applicants tab, and click on Post-Acceptance Request.  On the Email tab, confirm Deliver When is set to Upon Approval or Immediately. Do the same for the Banner tab.
  • For opportunities with detached communications: Navigate to the opportunity and select the Communications tab.  Select the Post-Acceptance Email tab, and confirm that Deliver When is set to Immediately or Upon Approval. Do the same for the Post-Acceptance Banner tab.
Recategorize the post-acceptance applications to trigger notifications
  1. Navigate to the opportunity where post-acceptance was updated
  2. Hover your mouse over the Post-Acceptance tab and click on Applications
  3. Filter the grid to find Submitted applications: click All in the Category column and select Submitted
  4. Mark the Select/Deselect All box at the top of the leftmost column to select all applications
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Act on Selected; select Categorize
  6. The Categorize Selected pop up window appears.  Click on the dropdown menu under Choose a Category, and select Requested.  Do NOT enter any values in the Update Amount and Award Period fields; previously entered values will remain on the application when nothing is entered here.
  7. Click the Categorize button
  8. A post-acceptance category of Requested will trigger Post-Acceptance Request notifications, and these applicants will be alerted.
Note: If a specific message needs to be sent, administrators can also send an Ad-Hoc email from the post-acceptance grid to let these applicants know why another request for the same opportunity is being sent.