If you have import data set up, this data typically pulls from your Student Information System (SIS). Your IT Team will securely send the student data file (aka User Import File) to your system. The platform will process what is in the file to show within the applicant's record. If you do not see any import data for an applicant, you'll want to verify that the applicant is in the import file. 
  1. Select Site > Settings > User Imports
    User Imports Navigation
  2. Scroll down the page to the "Details from Recent User Import" section
  3. Click on the hyperlink time stamp for the "Last Import." (It will begin to download.)Import File Download
  4. Open the file and Search for the applicant's email address and/or UID
A. If the applicant is not on the import file, please reach out to your IT Team and ask them to add the applicant to the file. 
B. If the applicant is on the import file with data but their data is not showing, please contact Client Support. 

Please note, the student data can't be edited within the platform. If something does not appear to be correct, please contact your IT Team to discuss any discrepancies.