To change or add a fee amount for an individual family:
  1. Navigate to Families> Manage Families (or to Enrollment> Pending Families), and click on the family you would like to edit
  2. Hover over the blue box with the white arrow on the left hand side
  3. Select Edit Billing Details
  4. Add in a fee/discount either:
  • By entering in the total in the total box and clicking "Spread Total"
  • By entering in the amounts for each month
  1. Enter in an appropriate reason into the"Enter Reason For Updating The Billing Details"
  2. Click "Save Changes"

To change or add a fee/discount amount for more than one family to the same amount (bulk/batch):
  1. Navigate to Families> Manage Families (or to Enrollment> Pending Families)
  2. If this is a Student Fee/Discount, select 'Student View' from the 'View Mode' dropdown (otherwise, leave it as 'Family View')
  3. Check the boxes to the left of each Family/Student to be edited
  4. Click 'Select Action' under 'Perform Batch Action'
  5. Select 'Apply Fee/Discount' (or 'Remove Fee/Discount')
  6. If 'Apply Fee/Discount' was selected, select the fee/discount type, amount, and which months it should apply to (if available)
  7. Click 'Submit'