How to allow adding Organization Gifts

If you're interested in Organization Gifts, first review the information in KB98408 to be aware of feature behavior and cases for when you should not enable this feature. Once Organizational Gifts are enabled, they cannot be disabled. Organization Gifts don't support recurring donations, which includes flexible sustaining and installment donations, premiums or matching gifts. To enable, go to Site Options, click Go, search for ORG_GIFTS_ENABLED, set the value to TRUE, and click Save.

For help entering Organization Gifts from Luminate Online into Raiser's Edge, see KB101411.

After Organization Gifts are enabled, you'll need to create or edit an existing online donation form and add the Organization Name element. Keep in mind that adding the data element is not necessary for offline donation forms.

For information on creating a donation form, see Creating Online Donation Forms.

Add the Organization Name Element to a Donation Form

The Organization Name data element can be found in the Donor Information section when editing the donation form screen. See To work with the donation form for more information.

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