The Altru Luminate Online Connector uses and Altru Odata feed to exclude constituents from upcoming emails in a marketing campaign. Normally, the exclusion query will exclude constituents that were in the original appeal process you used to import records to Luminate Online that have taken an action since the first email was sent to the constituent. In this example we display how to create a query to remove constituents that have given a donation in the appeal was sent. We will also review what fields are required and how fields need to be named to import into Luminate Online.
  • Click Analysis from the navigation bar in Altru 
  • Select the Information Library option on the Analysis screen
  • Add an ad-hoc query in the Information Library 
  • Select the source view of 'Constituents'
  • Expand the Appeal Mailing section of a constituent query and highlight Appeals
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  • In the Select Appeals Fields section move the 'Appeal record' into the 'Include records where' section of your query. 
  • Select the operator of 'Equal to' and search for the appeal that was used for your Marketing Campaign
  • After you have added the appeal to the query expand the Revenue section of the constituent query 
  • In the Select Revenue Fields move the 'Date' field to the 'Include records where' section of the query
  • Select the operator 'After' a 'Specific Date' and select the date your Luminate Online email was sent and click ok.
  • Then under Email Addresses add 'Primary email address' to the 'Include records where'
  • Select the operator of 'Equal to' 'Yes' and this will pull all primary email addresses into the query.
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At this point in time we have created a query that will find constituent records that received the appeal mailing and have a revenue transaction after the date of the mailing. In some cases you may need to add additional query fields if you are targeting specific types of revenue records or sales order information. Now that we have the record lets discuss the fields that are required by Luminate Online import process and how we properly configure the Altru query to pull these fields correctly. In order for the import to work correctly Altru query fields must be renamed to match Luminate Online Field Names.
Altru Query Field Name (Renamed Field)Luminate Online Field Name
First NameFirst Name
Middle NameMiddle Name
Last/Organization/Group/Household Name (Last Name)Last Name
Suffix Suffix
Lookup ID (Member ID)Member ID
Address (Primary)\Address (Address)Address
Address (Primary)\City (City)City
Address (Primary)\State Abbreviation (State)State
Address (Primary)\ZipZip
Email Addresses\Email Address (Primary Email)Primary Email
  • In the 'Results fields to display' add the above fields and rename the fields to match Luminate Online
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  • Click on 'Set Save Options' and provide a name for the query and select the query category and folder if needed.
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