Outlook attachments in NXT webview cannot be re-opened

After clicking on an Outlook attachment in FE NXT webview and navigating to the "Open With" window, you notice that there is no option to open with Outlook. In clicking Browse, searching for Outlook and opening it with the found program, the attachment does not successfully open or is getting the message "Unrecognizable File type."  
We are currently evaluating this behavior and will update this article with additional information. In the interim, please proceed to save an Outlook email and any attachments from that email as a PDF and upload the PDF.
  1. In Outlook, double click on an email to open it
  2. Select File > Print
  3. Underneath Printer, select Bullzip PDF
  4. Click Print
  5. Save the resulting PDF to the desired file path
  6. In FE NXT, navigate to Payables > Invoices
  7. Open the desired invoice and under Attachments, click "Attach a File"
  8. Drag the PDF from step 5
  9. Click Save

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Login to FE NXT
  2. Navigate to Payables > Invoices 
  3. Click "+" to create a new invoice OR open an existing invoice
  4. Scroll down to Attachments 
  5. Click "Attach a File"
  6. Drag an Outlook message saved to your desktop to the "Drag A File Here" area
  7. Click Save
  8. Double click on the attachment you just saved
  9. Click on the resulting download to open it
  10. In the Open File pop up, click Open
  11. In the Open With pop up, click Browse and search for Outlook 
  12. Click OK to open the attachment with Outlook


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