The list of permissions available is found by performing the following steps:
1. Log in to the BBMS Portal at
2. Navigate to Account Management > Roles
3. Use (+) to add a new role 

Below you will find a description of what each permission grants a user access to based on the Categories from the drop down menu. 

Contact Details
Edit Contact DetailsCapability to edit organization contact details under Account Management > General Settings > Contact Details
View Contact DetailsView the current contact details but cannot change or edit these details.
Virtual Terminal
Enter Card Not Present TransactionsEnter transactions as card-not-present using the Virtual Terminal through the BBMS Portal.
Enter Card Present TransactionsEnter transactions as card-present using the Virtual Terminal through the BBMS Portal.
Account Configurations
Add Account ConfigurationsAdd configuration for the BBMS account in Account Management > General Settings > Account Configurations
Delete Account ConfigurationsDelete current configurations listed for BBMS from Account Management > General Settings> Account Configurations
Edit Account ConfigurationsEdit current configurations to change AVS, CSC levels, processing modes, cards accepted, name and description.
View Account ConfigurationsView Account Configurations but cannot change or edit the configurations listed.
Disbursement Information
Edit Disbursement InformationEdit Bank information for disbursements from Account Management > General Settings > Disbursement Information
Changes made to this area are subject for approval from Blackbaud Validations department.
View Disbursement InformationView Bank information for disbursements but cannot edit or change the Bank info.
Mobile Devices
Manage Mobile DevicesApprove, Deny, Suspend or Re-Activate new devices from accessing the MobilePay application for processing transactions.
View Mobile DevicesView devices listed with access to MobilePay but cannot take action against the list.

Fraud Management
Add fraud profileCapability to accept Fraud Management terms and conditions agreeing to increased fee rate.
Edit fraud profileCapability to edit parameters used to determine fraud risk score.
View fraud profileView Fraud Management but cannot take action to turn it on or off cannot make changes to fraud profile or risk score.
Suspect Transactions
Accept Suspect TransactionsAcknowledge and accept suspect transactions, removing the suspect flag from the transaction.
Refund Suspect TransactionsAcknowledge and refund suspect transactions, declining the transaction and returning funds to cardholder.
View suspect transactionsView suspect transactions, cannot perform any action to the transaction.
View suspect transaction detailsView suspect transaction details such as reason, cardholder name and amount but cannot accept or refund suspect transactions.
Add rolesAdd a role combination that can be assigned to users limiting access to BBMS Portal.
Delete rolesDelete role combinations that can be assigned to users for access to BBMS Portal.
Edit rolesEdit role name, and permissions granted for any role listed on account for access to BBMS Portal.
View rolesView all listed roles for BBMS Portal but cannot take any action to add, delete or edit.
Accept chargebacksAccept chargebacks in Pending Chargebacks tab, allowing funds to be returned to cardholder and denying option to challenge chargeback.
Challenge ChargebacksCapability to challenge chargebacks in Pending Chargebacks tab, allowing funds to be returned but beginning process to challenge the return with the cardholder and cardholders acting bank.
View ChargebacksAccess to view current chargebacks in pending, review or approved cannot take any action against a chargeback.
View Chargeback DetailsCan view details specific to chargeback transaction but cannot take any action against it.
Export TransactionsAbility to export transactions into CSV or Excel document from a Transaction Search.
Refund transactionsAbility to process a refund through the BBMS Portal or through Mobile Pay.
Search batchAbility to search for batch transactions specifically in Transactions > Batch Search
Search transactionsAbility to search all transactions processed through BBMS for Organization under Transactions > Transaction Search
View daily transactions reportView daily transaction reports from Reports > Daily Transactions
View disbursement reportView weekly disbursement reports in either PDF or Excel in Summary or Detailed versions
View transaction detailsAfter performing a transaction search can view extra details about the transaction including IP address, signature, email address etc.
Add usersAdd new users to access the BBMS Portal and MobilePay from Account Management > Users.
Delete usersRemove active/inactive users from BBMS Portal and MobilePay from Account Management > Users.
Edit usersEdit user information such as name or password from Account Management > Users.
View usersView list of users for BBMS Portal and MobilePay from Account Management > Users but cannot add, delete or edit users.

Email Acknowledgement Settings
Edit email settingsEdit the outgoing email settings for Email Acknowledgements at Account Management > General Settings > Email Acknowledgements
View email settingsView the outgoing email settings but cannot take action to change or edit these settings.
Examples of Roles and Permission Combinations:
Read Only
  • View Users
  • View Mobile Devices
  • View Roles
  • View Contact Details
  • View Email Settings
This user will be able to see all these sections but cannot act against them.
  • Search Transactions
  • Refund Transactions
This role will allow a user in the MobilePay application to search and refund transactions as well as accept transactions within the application.
When adding a new user, you have the option to Grant Administrative rights that allows for all the listed permissions to be given to this user. It is important to assign administrative rights to only users who need it to perform their day to day tasks.

For steps on adding a new user please see : How to add users to access the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal or MobilePay