1. From Payroll Module select Query
2. Select Employee query
3. On the Criteria tab, (if desired) expand Employee > select Current Status > use an operator of equals and a value of Active
4. Also on the Criteria Tab, expand Compensation/Deduction and then expand Pay types
5. From Pay Type, select Valid through > select the operator of "blank" 
6. Add any other desired Criteria
7. Add any needed information to the Output tab such as:
Employee > Employee ID
Employee > Employee Full Name
HR Information > Departments/Positions > Department
HR Information > Departments/Positions > Position > Position Description
Compensation/Deductions > Pay Types > Description
Compensation/Deductions > Pay Types > Rate
Compensation/Deductions > Pay Types > Amount/Percent
Compensation/Deductions > Pay Types > Amount type
8. Select the Sort tab to sort by any desired field
9. Select the results tab or Run to view the Query results