1. Navigate to the Application Categories page (Site > Configurations > Application Categories)
  2. View the different Application Categories, paying attention to the column in each section labeled "Visible To." This column indicates whether Applicants or Reviewers can view applications that are in that Category. All categories are always visible to Administrators. The "Applications" column indicates how many current applications are in each category.
  3. If you find a category is Applicant visible and you would like to change it to not be Applicant visible, click on the green Edit button next to the category. 
  4. In the "Visible To" field, unmark the Applicant box.
  5. Click the green Save Category button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Any applications that were already in this Category before you made the change, and any that you move into this Category going forward, will no longer be visible to the applicant (the application will no longer populate the Dashboard in the Applicant Portal). These applicants will not know they are being considered for the award.