Existing job occurrence not available on an event

When adding a job occurrence to an event, the ability to select an existing job occurrence is not available.
Users should create the event and then can associate Job Occurrences with them OR users can create the Job occurrence without the event populated, create the event and then edit the job occurrence to link to the event.
From Help:
"When you add or edit the job occurrence from a job record, this field appears and is enabled when you select a frequency type of One time or Recurring. If the occurrence supports an event at your organization, search for and select the event to which the occurrence applies.

On the record of the event, the occurrence appears on the Job Occurrences tab."

Steps to Duplicate

1. Add a new Job in the Volunteers functional area.
2. Add an occurrence to the job created in step 1.
3. Open an existing event or create a new one.
4. Navigate to the Job Occurrences tab on the event record.
5. Click Add.
6. Search for the job created in step 1.
7. Notice the occurrence created in step 2 is not available to be selected. The only option is to create a new job occurrence. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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