This can happen if the Quantity, the number of people included in the effort, is zero. To fix this issue, run or re-run the Calculate segment counts process for the marketing effort.

There are a few situations in which the Export effort process is disabled. For reference, the default (unmodified) enabled expression for the Export effort business process is as below. In laymen's terms, the marketing effort can be exported if it has been activated OR if all of the following things are true:

-The effort has 1 or more segments.
-The effort does not contain only Vendor Managed list segments.
-The segment count is current. NOTE: Even if segment counts have been calculated, if something changes with the segments or the selection(s) used in those segments, the record count cache is no longer current.
-The Calculate segment counts process is not currently running.
-The Marketing effort activation process is not currently running.

=CBool(Page.Fields!ACTIVE) OrElse (Page.Fields!NUMSEGMENTS > 0 AndAlso Not CBool(Page.Fields!ONLYHASVENDORMANAGEDLISTSEGMENTS) AndAlso CBool(Page.Fields!RECORDCOUNTCACHEISCURRENT) AndAlso Not CBool(Page.Fields!ISCALCULATING) AndAlso Not CBool(Page.Fields!ISACTIVATING))