Creating the Qualifications
  1. Locate an Opportunity in which you would like these Qualifications to exist.
  2. Click on the Qualifications tab.
  3. If no Qualifications exist in this group already, use the dropdown menu labeled Choose a Question to Qualify On to begin adding qualifications.
  4. If Qualifcations already exist or you would like to add a new group, click the button labeled Add Another Group.
  5. Add or Edit the Qualifications or Qualification groups until they appear exactly as you would like them in all other opportunities.
  6. Create 
Indicate which Opportunities these Qualifications should be copied to
  1. In order to copy your qualifications, the Support team will need the Opportunity ID numbers of the qualifications that you would like them copied to. Navigate to the Opportunities grid (Opportunity > Portfolios > Opportunities)
  2. Filter the Opportunities grid using the Scope, Start Date, Name or other relevant columns until only the Opportunities you wish to copy you Qualifications to remain.
  3. Click the second icon from the left on the Opportunity grid's tool bar that looks like two sheets of stacked paper in order to save this Grid View.
  4. When the Name popup box appears, give this Grid View an Identifying Name and click the green Create button.
Contacting Support
  1. When the steps above have been completed send the following information to support:
    1. The name and ID number of the opportunity on which the Qualifications you would like copied already exist.
    2. Details of which Qualifications or Qualification Groups you would like cloned.
    3. The name of the Grid View on which the Opportunities you need qualifications cloned to are listed.
  2. Please note that if you would like only one Qualification cloned, that Qualification will appear in every Qualification Group in the Opportunities it is cloned to. No applicant that does not meet that Qualification will be considered Qualified in any of those Groups.