1. Log into the Document Template Manager.
[NOTE: If you have not yet installed the Document Template Manager, please log into Blackbaud Grantmaking > go to Admin > scroll through the menu until you see 'Install Template Manager' > click 'Install Template Manager' > follow the prompts it provides to install]
2. Select the category (e.g. Pending) that you would like to save the template in. 
3. Click New from the navigation ribbon at the top > Click New Template. 
4. Supply a Name for the Template > Mark the radio button for Printed Letters > Click OK.
5. Highlight the Merge Fields from the left column and click 'Include' if you want the merge fields on the template > Click OK once you have completed adding Merge Fields.
6. Double-click the template that you just created to open in Microsoft Word.
7. From the Mailings tab, click the arrow next to Start Mail Merge and select Labels. 
8. The Label Options window appears > Select the label vendor from the Labels dropdown > Highlight the Product Number > Click OK
9. Click Insert Merge Field and select the fields you would like to add to each label.
[NOTE: Only enter merge fields for the first label]
10. After setting up merge fields for the first label, click Update Labels under Mailings tab to generate the merge fields for the remaining labels. 
11. Click Save and close the document.
12. From Blackbaud Grantmaking, select the series of records you would like to create labels for in the workspace.
13. Go to Actions menu at top right > Select 'Generate Letter'
14. In the Generate Letter Correspondence window, select your newly created template from the Template dropdown > follow all other steps to merge and create your labels.