If the grantee has received this error multiple times (“The two passwords do not match”), despite being absolutely sure that they entered the same exact characters into both of the “new” password fields, then here’s how we’d recommend troubleshooting this type of situation:

1.    Suggest that the grantee try using a different browser to complete these steps (since their current browser’s auto-fill settings might be interfering with/overwriting what they are manually typing into these fields, which is a common culprit for this type of issue);
2.    If they’ve been manually typing it in thus far, have them try copying the first “new” password so that they can paste that exact one into the second “new” password field (and vice versa… if they’ve been copying-and-pasting exclusively, have them try manually typing in the password for both fields just in case an extra space is being added when they copy-and-paste);
3.    Finally, if both of those first suggestions don’t resolve the issue, then ask the grantee for the temporary password that they received upon requesting the password reset… That way, you can see for yourself if you are able to reset the password successfully without encountering this error.

If you also experience trouble resetting the password using the client's temporary password (and you've tried the suggested measures detailed above without success), please contact Customer Support (How do I contact Blackbaud Customer Support?) and reference this KB article.