The Deferred Revenue Schedule (DRS) shows how your revenue will be booked for a given year. If you notice that billing items are not properly reflected on the report, this may be due to new billing items added to your settings.

Please be sure that each billing item is mapped accordingly:
  1. Log in to:
  2. Go to the 2018-2019 school year
  3. Hover over your Accounting Software tab at the top (Blackbaud, QuickBooks...)
  4. Select Setup GL Account Numbers
  5. Find one of your new fees, then click Edit to the right 
  6. Under Account Recognition Type, select Deferred
  7. Choose the GL ID for each Deferred GL ID & Income GL ID
  8. Under Account Recognition Period Type, select Standard
  9. Do this for each new billing item
Every time a new fee or discount is added, you must follow the above instructions so that your DRS will reflect accurate information.

The following are the export instructions:
Financial Edge 7 (FE7) / Smart Tuition : Export Guide
Export guide FE NXT