My receipt is stuck in a pending status

Users may find that after processing receipts in CRM, the receipt status displays as "Pending" on the revenue record page.
The "Pending" status reflects that the Receipt Process was run without the "Mark receipted" box ticked off. To change the receipt to a "Receipted" status :
  1. Navigate to the revenue record page.
  2. Click on "Receipt history" under "More Information" in the Tasks pane.
  3. Click on the Process Date link and note the processed date.
  4. On the Receipt Revenue Lists page, click the History tab.
  5. Navigate to the historic record that matches the date that the receipt process was run from step 3.
  6. Click the down chevron on the history record.
  7. Click "Mark Receipted".
  8. Navigate back to the revenue record and confirm that the receipt status is now "Receipted"


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