We now have a new feature on Shopping Cart! When you create a Shopping Cart item, you can now select the total number of items that are available for purchase. You can also place a limit on already-created Shopping Cart fees, if necessary.

The following instructions are for editing a current Shopping Cart Fee:
  1. Login to https://school.smarttuition.com
  2. Select the applicable school year
  3. Hover over the Fees & Discount tab
  4. Click on Manage Fees & Discounts
  5. Click on Shopping Cart 
  6. Locate the fee name and click Edit to the right of the item
  7. If the Unlimited button is green, you need to click on Limitedlimit
  8. Use the directional arrows to select the limit or enter the amount in the boxcounter
  9. Click Save at the bottom of the pagesave
The main Shopping Cart screen will show you the total number of the inventory and the total number remaining.

You can run  a specific fee report for the list of accounts that selected that item.