These buttons appear after a transaction is successfully linked to a constituent in The Raiser's Edge and Linked  appears above the Linked Constituent box as shown: Constituent linking buttons in NetCommunity plug-in

Open Constituent will open the linked constituent record from within the NetCommunity plug-in.

Edit Profile allows you to accept and reject any profile updates that are different from the linked constituent record in The Raiser's Edge. One of the following windows will appear:
  • If there are differences to review, a detail screen will appear to review. Mark the checkbox in the Process? column on the values that you wish to keep, mark the desired Address Processing option at the bottom, and then click Save and Close. You can also click Open Constituent to review the linked record from this window or Close to leave this screen:
Updates to review
  • If there are no updates to review (that is, no differences between what the donor entered and what is present in The Raiser's Edge), then the following screen will appear that says "There are no differences between this transaction and the constituent record.". Click OK to close this:
No updates to preview message