If you wish to make mass updates to your Portfolio Fund Code, Auxiliary Code, and/or Project ID, please contact Support. 
  • We will generate an export of all your current portfolios
  • You can then update the codes on this spreadsheet
  • Save the file as a CSV
  • Upload it to your Files section
  • Support will then use this file to import your mass updates

The following fields are unchangeable and must be left as is:

  • ​id
  • scopes
  • created_at
The Fund Code, Auxiliary Fund Code, and Project ID can be updated in the following corresponding columns:
  • code - Fund Code
  • auxiliary_code - Auxiliary Fund Code
  • project_id - Project ID
Tip:  Remove any rows from the file that don't require an update to prevent accidental updates and unnecessary system processing. Do not delete or add any columns.