How can I find out more information on SSO?
Blackbaud SSO is a self service option to enable your organizations identity provider allowing your users to log into blackbaud solutions easier.  Please refer to "How to set-up SSO for more information" along with our on-boarding guide ,help documentation and our Blackbaud ID Community.

Is SSO required to log into my blackbaud solutions?
No, SSO is not required to log into your blackbaud solutions and you can continue using your existing credentials.  SSO is designed to make your sign in experience easier leveraging only one set of sign in credentials. 

Do I have to configure SSO for each user at our organization?
No, SSO is configured one time by your organization's site administrator.  Once the set-up is complete and successful, each user with a blackbaud id added with your identity provider will be notified by email.

What will the users at my organization need to do in order to sign in to blackbaud solutions using our SSO method?
Once connection to SSO is complete the user will need to enter their organization's email address at the login screen, which will then redirect the user to your identity provider for authentication.  Once the user enters their organization's credentials they will be automatically signed into your blackbaud product. 

Can I test the SSO configuration to make sure it works before completing the set-up?
Yes, please refer to our test mode documentation to verify your connection.  Testing mode will affect all users who have a blackbaud id on  We recommend testing the connection outside of peak business hours or during a maintenance window. 

Does Blackbaud SSO support multiple identity providers at once?
An organization may use one identity provider per site id.  However, you may claim multiple email domains to associate with your identity provider.  Once the connection is established, the organization can change the identity provider at a later date.

Does enabling SSO for our organization automatically grant users access to Raiser's Edge NXT, Financial Edge NXT or other Blackbaud products?
No, a user who has not been invited to the organization's Blackbaud solution will be redirected to  To gain access to Raiser's Edge NXT, Financial Edge NXT or other products the user will need to receive an invite from a Supervisor user.

Can we configure SSO while we are migrating to Raiser's Edge/Financial Edge NXT or while we are in the testing phase? 
Yes, this configuration sits above the tenants for Raiser's Edge/Financial Edge NXT and is a one time set-up.  You will not have to reconfigure once your organization goes live with your NXT solutions. 

Q9.  Does the SSO configuration also work to bypass the Citrix connection to access the database view for NXT solutions?
A9.  At this time, the SSO configuration is only allowing you to sign in through the web view and not the database view through the Citrix connection.  There is no time table as to if or when SSO may be used to access the database view.

My users are not recognized, can't sign in or could sign in but can't now after setting up SSO using SAML 2.0. How can I fix this?
Please refer to our SAML troubleshooting guide for assistance.

I would like a demo or consultative help in setting up SSO, who do I get in touch with?
For a demo or assistance setting up this configuration please contact your Account Executive who can schedule some consultative time with a Blackbaud representative.