1. Navigate to the appropriate NXT URL to access the NXT web view:
Note: If you have never logged into the application before, contact your administrator to be invited to Raiser's Edge NXT or Financial Edge NXT.
  1. Log in with your Blackbaud.com credentials
  2. Download and install Citrix Workspace via the steps noted for users in the Microsoft Azure environment
Note: Citrix Workspace only needs to be installed one time, so this step does not need to be completed each time you log in.
  1. How to configure your web browser for the Microsoft Azure environment
  2. Launch the Raiser's Edge or Financial Edge database view in the Microsoft Azure environment, which will log you in automatically using single sign-on functionality between your Blackbaud.com and your RE or FE NXT web view and database view accounts:
    1. Click the Databases icon (similar to stacked coins) in the top right-hand corner of the omnibar
    2. Click Open database view to initiate the launch of this application using singe sign-on functionality with your RE or FE NXT web view credentials
    3. Note: Citrix Workspace must be installed on every workstation that launches the NXT database view or you will be prompted to install this.