You can quickly view the Smart Fees that were withheld from a family's account on the Remittance Report.  Withholding will occur on the first payment remitted after the charge has been applied.

To run the Remittance Report:
  1. Login to
  2. Click on the applicable school year
  3. Click on the Reports tab
  4. Under Bookkeeping on the right, select Remittance Report
  5. Select the beginning date on the left calendar and the end date on the right calendar
  6. Choose PDF or Excel

The following sample shows the columns designated for the Smart Fees on the Remittance Report.
  • Smart Display Fee - Withholding for the Smart Administrative Fee, if billed to your families
  • Smart Follow-Up Fees - Withholding for follow-up fee/s that were assessed to the account due to late payment/s
  • Smart Bank Fees - Withholding for any checking or savings account payments that fail
  • Smart Fees Withheld - The total of the Smart Fees withheld on the payment


If your school is not billing families for the Smart Administrative Fee or if the family makes their payment in-school, the withholding for the fees will be shown in the section for Amount Withheld.
amount withheld