Hard Credit Missing from Report or Gift Tab when Donor is Soft Credited on Gift

A constituent is both hard and soft credited for the same gift. Now, on the constituent's gift tab and in reports, the gift is being listed with the soft credit amount instead of the hard credit amount. 
Soft credit functionality in The Raiser's Edge was intended to allow recognition of constituents beyond the donor, so wasn't designed to assign a hard and soft credit to the same constituent. For more information on using soft credits, see How to use soft credits and the Gift Records Guide

If hard credits and soft credits are needed for the same constituent, reports will display the amount of the gift based on Soft Credit when giving credit to Both. To ensure accurate results, give credit to Donor or Recipient, but not Both. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Add a $100 gift for a constituent
  2. On the Soft Credit tab, add a $50 soft credit for the same constituent
  3. Save and Close the gift
  4. On the constituent's Gift tab, see that the gift is listed as a $50 soft credit
  5. If included in a report when Soft credit gifts to Both is selected, the $50 soft credit displays instead of the $100 hard credit

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