In order to prevent old payments from incorrectly pulling into the acknowledgment process, we have two options. We can create a selection to pull the old payments into the process and run these payments through the Acknowledgment Process or we can add additional date criteria to your existing selection to prevent the outdated payments from pulling in. 

Option 1: Create a selection of outdated payments to be used in the Acknowledgment Process --
Create Your Query -- 
  1. From Analysis, Click Information Library
  2. Click Add an Ad-hoc Query
  3. Choose Revenue as the Source View
Add Criteria to Include Records Where --
  1. Add criteria to specify you are only pulling the old, outdated converted payments into the selection. On the left click Revenue. From the middle drag date to Include records where and set On or before X. 
  2. [Optional] If you would like to filter on specific applications such as Memberships or Donations, please reference this article to determine which filters you will add -- What query filters should I use to find contributed revenue?
Save your Query --
  1. On the Set Save Options Tab, Name your Query
  2. Mark the Box to 'Create a Selection'
  3. Save and Close
Run the Acknowledgment Process using the selection you created above

Option 2: Edit your existing selection to include date parameters to exclude previous payments that were already acknowledged in a previous system --
Determine which selection is being used in your Acknowledgment Process --
  1. Navigate to Marketing and Communications, Click Acknowledgments
  2. Under Letters, Determine which letter is pulling outdated payments > Click the arrow to the left of the Letter
  3. Under Selections, Note the Name of the Selection
Update the Selection
  1. Navigate to Analysis > Information Library
  2. Search the Selection being used in your Acknowledgment Letter, Click the Hyperlinked Selection Name
  3. Click Edit Definition
  4. On the left, Click Revenue. From the middle drag Date to Include records where and set On or After X.
    • Note -- When adding date criteria to your selection, be mindful of the date you are choosing as you do not want to make the selection too specific and mistakenly rule out future payments.
  5. Navigate to the Preview results tab to ensure the outdated payments are no longer showing in the output
  6. Click Save and Close