You will always be the best judge of your applications, opportunities, and reviewer groups; however we do recommend the following considerations:
  • We DO NOT recommend reviewing at both the General/Conditional Application and Opportunity level, due to the redundant nature of the applicants that would be reviewed. Choose one or the other.
  • For Apply-To Opportunities, it is generally recommended to review at the Opportunity level rather than the General/Conditional application level. This is because Apply-To Opportunities will include additional questions the applicants must submit, therefore the opportunity application will include more data that would likely be relevant to review.
  • For Auto-match Opportunities, it is generally recommended to review at the General/Conditional application level rather than the Opportunity level. This is because Auto-match Opportunities do not require the applicant to submit additional data, and the applicant’s General Application is sufficient. The Auto-match Opportunity’s applications grid indicates the qualification points per applicant, which can allow reviewer chairs and administrators to make awarding decisions.
    • Within Auto-match Opportunities, you have the option to "propagate general [or conditional] application scores" so that they will be included in the applicant's opportunity-specific application and will be accessible within the applications grid. (On the Opportunity's Details page, scroll down and mark the box to use this feature.) Therefore these scores can be taken into account during reviewing.
  • When reviewing at any level, consider the load to your reviewer, and examine the relevant applicant pools to make the best decisions. Keep in mind that if you have applicants who are auto-matched to numerous opportunities, or have applied to numerous opportunities, or you have elected to review many opportunities or applications per reviewer group, you may end up with redundancies in reviewing the same applicant multiple times by the same or multiple reviewers.