1. Contact Support. 
2. A Support team member will send you a screenshot of your current Cycle Naming settings.
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3. An opportunity's Season name is based on the opportunity's Start Date OR End Date (if Apply To) or Public End Date (if Automatch).
4. Decide what season you would like each month to be labeled as. Make sure to pay attention to the "of the Current Year" or "of the Following Year" choices as well.
5. Let the Support team member know how you would like to edit the season names. 
6. Once your request has been completed, please allow 24 hours for changes made to be reflected on applications in your system.
7.  If the field that determines your Season name is blank, the system will default to look at the other date field (ie. if you base it on Start Date and it is blank, the system will look at the End Date instead) to see if it has a date and will use that and will have the text of "Starts Season XXXX".  If both dates are blank then the Season is called "Future".
Note: When you make changes to your Cycle Naming, the Season names will change for ALL opportunities in your system: past, present, and future, whether archived or not.