How to Roll Back a Failed FIMS Upgrade

I have attempted to upgrade FIMS to the latest version, but the upgrade failed and I need to roll back, how can I do that?
It is preferable and faster to resolve the issue with the upgrade rather than rolling back. If you need to roll back the upgrade here is how you would do that:

During the upgrade, the FIMS and the FIMS\Assemblies folders are backed up to this location, \npo\found. The fles will be named fims-# and fims-assemblies-# and will have a date modified of the date when the upgrader ran. To verify the date you can review the upgrade log located in \npo\found\FIMS called 'fims-upgrades-2018.log'. The date and time the upgrade started will be on the top of that file.

1. Rename the \npo\found\FIMS folder to something such as FIMS-failed upgrade
2. Rename the \npo\found\FIMS\Assemblies folder to something such as FIMS Assemblies failed upgrade
3. Rename the fims backup folder to FIMS
4. Rename the fims assemblies backup folder to Assemblies
5. If the database was updated during the upgrade, then you will need to restore the database from a backup. You can review the following article on how to restore a database. This article is for restoring to Demo, so you will need to edit the paths and commands etc. to be appropriate for live data.

**It is advisable to make sure you have a backup of your database that is kept in a separate location from your live database files before doing this. You may even want to copy the npo\found\dbfiles and move that copy off into a different drive for safekeeping. Typically, all database backups are stored here \npo\found\DBBackup unless you have them going to a different location**

You will need to stop the database before doing this:

Again, it is typically best to allow support to work with you to find a solution to your failed upgrade rather than rolling back.




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