When a reviewer group is set to Assign Reviews automatically (any setting other than "Every application to every reviewer"), the system will constantly redistribute/shuffle reviewer assignments to accommodate the desired number of reviews per application specified.

The following scenarios can cause a redistribution of reviewer assignments:
  • Changing settings on the Details tab of the reviewer group - such as modifications to "Only Qualified Applicants" or the number of reviews per application under Assign Reviews.
  • Adding or removing reviewers
  • Locking/unlocking reviewers
  • Qualifying on imported data - if the reviewer group qualifications are based on import data and the import data has updated, this can cause a previously qualified applicant to become unqualified, or vice versa. If you want to freeze imported data based on the end date of the opportunity, please set the User Import Offset accordingly.
  • Re-categorizing applications to a non-reviewer visible category
  • Having a Begin Review Period date that is before your Opportunity's End Date - assignments may increase as applications are submitted/matched into the opportunity
  • Having a Begin Review Period date that is before your General/Conditional Application's End Date OR NOT having an End Date set - assignments may increase as applications are submitted
  • Modifying your Start and/or End Dates on either the Opportunity or the General/Conditional Application (whichever the reviewer group is assigned to)
The system will only remove reviews that have not been started.  Any reviews that have been started and Saved (ie. Drafted), or have been Submitted, will remain with the reviewer and will not be redistributed. 
Tip: Encourage your reviewers to work in the system and to Save/Submit their reviews in order to not lose any work! This will prevent their reviews from being removed if the system redistributes assignments, although new reviews can still be assigned to the reviewer.  Remember, reviewers can edit a previously Submitted review up until the End Review Period date.