Unable to Open Message File PROMSGS when Right Clicking and Running FIMS as Administrator

When launching FIMS normally or right-clicking, the following error occurs, "msgOpen: unable to open message file: PROMSGS".
This occurs because the Progress installation is unable to find the PROMSGS file due to the local admin account on the workstation not having permission to the shared mapped drives which is what FIMS runs off of from the workstation; the shared N drive.

To resolve you can attempt the following Microsoft solutions. Method 2 referenced in the article below mentions creating a bat file. Basically what happens with the bat file is that the N drive is mapped with specific admin credentials and thus after making that change you can right-click and run FIMS as admin without getting errors.

1. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3035277/mapped-drives-are-not-available-from-an-elevated-prompt-when-uac-is-co
  • How to create a logon bat file. Typically you put the commands in a notepad file then save with a .bat extension:
Per the instructions in the article below you would place the bat file your created in the startup folder indicated for the user who logs into the workstation, or for any other users that log into the workstation as well. You would need to place it in each user's startup:

  • After creating the bat file and then adding it to the startup location indicated in the article you may also see this error occur below when right-clicking and running FIMS as admin:
 "Unable to open or create temp files"
To resolve the error above, do the following:

a. Go to npo\found\ConfigFiles
b. Create a copy of the current 'WFOUND.PF' and name the copy for example 'WFOUND-WS.PF'
c. Edit the new 'WFOUND-WS.PF' in notepad and edit this line, for example like this:
You would need to create a folder on the local machine called for example, 'FIMSTemp' on the C drive and then add that path in this line:
-T    C:\FIMSTemp           #temp files directory

d. Edit the FIMS shortcut on the workstation to use the 'WFOUND-WS.PF' rather than the out of box 'WFOUND.PF'.

DO NOT edit the out of box 'WFOUND.PF' file, only edit the copy of it.


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